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The popularity of Aluminium Bottle Caps

Even today aluminium bottle caps still remain the most viable packaging material in terms of lightness, strength, formability and effective barrier quality. Aluminium is a strong, durable material which is resistant to corrosion making it a long-lasting material which offers less replacement and repair costs. Moreover, the metal itself is non-toxic and odourless, which makes it ideal for packaging sensitive products such as oil, liquor or pharmaceuticals. Another interesting feature of aluminium bottlecaps is that its 100% recyclable and recycled aluminium is identical to the virgin product. This makes it a much more cost-effective source material for production runs. The re-melting of aluminium requires little energy: only about 5% (approx) of the energy required to produce the primary metal initially is needed in the recycling process. Aluminium bottle caps and closures market is dominated by big names like Nipra .  The company is a reliable supplier of premium aluminium

Nipra Makes the Consumption of Olive Oil Product Safer

                    Forget the old saw that the greener the oil, the better the quality. Olive oil colour can vary widely, depending on, among other things, the type of olives used and at what point they were pressed. What’s more that you need to see while buying the olive oil bottle - is the bottle caps! As to what most studies say, olive oil actually goes bad fairly quickly, and exposure to light and heat makes the quality deteriorate even more quickly. Hence you need to ensure your oil product is sealed with the right olive oil bottle cap .  A company that cares about the quality of its product will take care of the sealing and packaging aspects correctly. Nipra is one such company that has contributed to making the consumption of this valuable product (olive oil) safer, by producing authentic olive oil bottle caps. Features of Nipra Bottle Caps: ·          Made of food-safe material ·          Durable ·          Designed to help keep oil fresh By f

Buy Bottle Caps at Nipra

Whether you are looking for oliveoil caps or wine bottle caps , Nipra stocks the bottle caps you need to keep your produce fresh and perfectly packaged. These caps are known for their excellent impact strength and accurate shape. These caps are made with the utmost perfection and attention to ensure its fine finish and application-specific design meet customer’s requirement. By utilizing the best quality raw materials and modish techniques, these aluminium bottle caps  are manufactured under the surveillance of professionals. Should you have interest in buying bottle caps, simply click on to discover the dimensions of the various cap. Nipra offers: ·                 Olive oil caps ·                 Wine Bottle caps ·                 Spirit Bottle Caps ·                 Pharma bottle caps Available in various range of colours and pack sizes, when you buy aluminium bottle caps from Nipra, you’ll discover your products get more and more enhanced.

Bottle Caps Keep Your Products Healthy, Help Them Stay Beautiful

                      Bottle caps are typically fairly innocuous objects — we usually throw them away and forget about them. But do you know that these caps can become more useful with a bit of design ingenuity. Olive oil bottle caps or any other glass bottle closure make great usable decor items for your home, office or, garden. And there are thousands of ways to reuse bottle caps . You will be surprised to know that most interior designers do use bottle caps for beautification purposes. So, if you have got a lot of leftover  winebottle caps   o r spirit bottle caps ? Get them in the best use! In fact, most of the time, upcycled items look even cooler than they initially were. Also, there’s the aspect of conserving the fragile  ecosystem  by saving it from unnecessary trash. So if you want to go green, repurposing should be one of your goals. Browse the internet and check out excellent ideas for ways to upcycle old bottle caps  into new! There are amazing DIY projects