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Aluminium Ropp Closures for Pharmaceutical Sector

Pharmaceutical packaging is the means of providing protection, presentation, identification, information and convenience to encourage compliance with a course of therapy. Aluminium ropp caps are ideal for packaging pharmaceutical products since they retain their therapeutic effectiveness from the time of their packaging until they are consumed. An ideal aluminium ropp closure will protect the pharma contents from the following environmental hazards: Light - protect the contents from light. Temperature - is capable of withstanding extremes of temperature. Moisture - is capable of withstanding extremes of humidity. Atmospheric gases - protects the contents from the effect of atmospheric gases (e.g. aerial oxidation). Particles - protects from particulate contamination. Microorganisms - protects from microbial contamination. Nipra is one such company that has a significant presence in pharmaceutical closure segment in India and abroad. The company produces closures on

Printed Aluminium Sheets at Nipra

Nipra offers solutions for printed aluminium sheets to match the demands of various clients. Coupled with a comprehensive technology Nipra brings over years of application expertise to various customers. In addition, the use of high quality materials makes them unique in the market. Specification of printed sheets manufactured by Nipra: Printed aluminium sheets: Alloy: 8011 Temper: H14 and H24 Thickness: From 0.15mm to 0.23mm (± 0.01mm) Decoration: Multi-colour printing with special internal lacquer systems Application: To manufacture ROPP closures for spirits, wine, pharmaceutical and olive oil closures Printed tinplate/TFS sheets: Temper: T1 to Dr8 Thickness: 0.15mm to 0.30mm Finish: Bright and stone Decoration: Multi-colour printing with application specific lacquer systems Application: To manufacture twist-off caps (lug caps), crown caps (beer bottle caps), 3-piece general line cans for paints, 3-piece food cans, 3-piece beverage cans Nipra is a reliable su

Wine Bottle Screw Caps

Winemakers and drinkers are typically most familiar with traditional, natural corks. However, modern winemaking has introduced alternative wine closure systems such as twist-off screwcaps without using a cork. Twist-off screw caps are becoming increasingly popular among winemakers who are looking for alternatives to natural corks for both mainstream and high-end wines. Like synthetic corks, wine bottle screw caps maintain a tight seal and do not deteriorate, thus preventing oxidation caused by too much air entering the wine bottle. This aids in the long-term aging of wine. Nipra is one such company that manufactures wine bottle screw caps to meet this rising demand. The wine closures are available with saranex™ coated and Tin-saran™ coated liners. These liners are suitable for storing wine over a long period. They maintain the natural aging process of wine to ensure its taste is well-enjoyed by customers. Wine bottle screw caps manufactured by Nipra comply with the guidelines

Aluminium Bottle Closures

We all want our products to be the best that they can be. But it’s just as important to make sure the outside of the product matches the quality on the inside. However, the right aluminium bottle closures can make a significant difference for all around experience on all ends of the brand spectrum. With the right aluminium bottle closures its less likely for the product contents to mix with air or any other possible chemicals. Moisture is also less likely to get in the container, thus keeping your product safe from harmful contents. You can protect your product and keep your consumers happy by choosing glass bottle closures from Nipra. The company is engaged in the business of producing aluminium closures (also known as bottle caps or ROPP closures) and printed metal sheets in India. The company operations started in 1982, and with steady growth, the team became one of the largest players in the metal packaging business in India. The products manufactured under the company’s ba