Buy Bottle Caps at Nipra

Whether you are looking for oliveoil caps or wine bottle caps, Nipra stocks the bottle caps you need to keep your produce fresh and perfectly packaged. These caps are known for their excellent impact strength and accurate shape. These caps are made with the utmost perfection and attention to ensure its fine finish and application-specific design meet customer’s requirement. By utilizing the best quality raw materials and modish techniques, these aluminium bottle caps are manufactured under the surveillance of professionals. Should you have interest in buying bottle caps, simply click on to discover the dimensions of the various cap.

Nipra offers:
·                Olive oil caps
·                Wine Bottle caps
·                Spirit Bottle Caps
·                Pharma bottle caps

Available in various range of colours and pack sizes, when you buy aluminium bottle caps from Nipra, you’ll discover your products get more and more enhanced. Stock up today and you could make a great purchase. Whether you need 200 olive oil caps or 1000, Nipra caters to your exact requirements.

It’s simple to buy bottle caps at Nipra. Choose your product, choose your style, select your quantity and then head to the contact details. If you require any assistance or guidance at any stage, the Nipra team are always on hand. To get in touch please contact Nipra at
contact Tel: +91 22 2636 6848, +91 22 2636 6850, Email:
 by submitting an online enquiry form today. 


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