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What are Bottle Caps?

A bottle cap or bottle top seals the top opening of a bottle. A cap is typically colourfully decorated with the logo of the brand. Plastic caps are used for plastic bottles, while metal caps are used for glass bottles. Plastic caps are commonly made from Polyethylene or Polypropylene, whilst metal caps are usually either steel or aluminium. Now let’s talk more about aluminium bottle caps . The aluminium bottle cap is known for its excellent impact strength and accurate shape. The caps are made of high-quality aluminium material with utmost perfect attention to detail to ensure it has fine finishing. Non-toxic in nature, these caps are widely used to store and preserve the freshness of packaged food and beverages. Available in different sizes and design these aluminium bottle caps can be easily recycled. And while we talk about bottle caps, how can we forget Nipra bottle caps. Nipra is one of the best aluminium screw caps manufacturer in India The company has been in this trade s

How to Store Olive Oil?

You may be left wondering whether olive oil goes bad after a while — or if you can simply keep it around indefinitely. However, in reality, the fact is that, though olive oil lasts a long time, it does get spoiled if not handled well. Most olive oils last 18–24 months from the time they’re bottled. Extra virgin olive oils are less processed and usually last a bit less, around 12–18 months from the time they’re bottled. Moreover, oxidation is a cellular process that can stimulate aging. In olive oil, it can speed the breakdown of fat molecules. Besides sunlight, olive oil can also be oxidized by contact with oxygen or exposure to heat. Hence you need to make sure your olive oil bottle cap is made from the best material like aluminum. Designed to last, aluminum olive oil bottle caps can be reused multiple times and are resistant to rust. It preserves the authenticity of olive oil and helps it stay fresh and healthy for a longer time. That’s not all! You need to ensure the cont

Beverages Industry Worldwide Drive the Demand for Aluminum Caps and Closures

Aluminum caps and closures have a wide variety of end-use applications, the beverage industry being the highest. The beverage segment is anticipated to be the fastest-growing end-use sector during the coming forecast (2020-2025 (approx.)) period. Aluminum closures are used on a large scale for packaging alcoholic beverages such as wine, vodka, and spirits bottles. Aluminum closures give the first level of protection against the rising counterfeiting problems for spirits, premium wines, etc. The packaging not only enhances the product’s shelf life but also retains the taste and texture of the beverage. High consumption of beverages all over the globe is expected to fuel the growth of the global aluminum caps market in the coming years. The western countries will continue to remain the largest market of aluminum caps, while the remaining regions are expected to register a notable growth in the global aluminum caps market in the coming years Aluminum closures are affordable, highly

Aluminum Caps and Closures – the Global Demand is Expected to Grow by 2027

According to reports, the aluminum closures market is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027 due to the following reasons: Progression in international trade of food and beverage has highly raised the demand for aluminum closures and caps in order to offer effective packaging solutions. The growth in the healthcare industry plus the rise in demand for liquid medicines is another key factor, which leads to the progress of the caps and closures in the market. The convenient packaging of in-home care products and cosmetics has also pushed the demand for aluminum closures In addition, the rise in the use of tamper-evident and child-resistant caps and closures has encouraged manufacturers to make high-quality aluminum caps and closures. Growing technological advancements in the packaging industry is another major growth factor estimated to support the global aluminum caps and closures market during the forecast period. Even the retail distribution