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Benefits of Packaging Wine Correctly

Wine packaging has its own importance. Here are few benefits of packaging wine correctly: - Proper Packaging Keeps Wine Fresh Longer Wine stays fresher when sealed properly. The beverage tends to become stale in mere minutes when kept outside in open air. However,wine that is vacuum-sealed can stay fresh on a shelf for months or even years. Proper Packaging Provides Product Protection Consumers don’t want to receive a product that has been contaminated or spoiled. Low-quality materials, lack of cushioning, and exposure to air are common reasons whywine gets damaged during the shipping process. From the most basic function, the bottle and the closure should be protecting your wine. Working with your packaging supplier to ensure you are using the proper packaging will preserve the integrity of your product and your brand! Proper Packaging Can Increase Profits If the wine bottle arrives with spoilage or shows any signs of wear and tear, many consumers will consider it da

What is a Closure?

A closure can be defined as any method for closing a pack so that the product is properly contained and protected. A closure is a device that seals a product within a pack but one that can also be removed to allow the product to be accessed. The degree of seal tightness is dependent on the product packed, closure material, container, and seal desired, the resiliency of liner, the flatness of the sealing surface,and tightness or torque with which the closure is applied. The closure mustn’t affect the contents of the container, nor be affected by them. Moreover, the closure is a focal point of the container. Three communication forms include styling aesthetic, typography, & graphic symbols. The closures also have to be resistant to cracking and creep in order to withstand excess torque during screwing (as with screw caps) or other internal forces. Today, people are more focused towards health and hygiene, as a result,they are willing to spend money on products that are good

What Should You Do With Bottle Caps?

Bottle caps can pose a significant environmental hazard as they are small enough to be ingested by wildlife and also break down into micro materials when left unused in the environment. While bigger laws need to be passed to reduce waste, there’s an excellent way for you to decrease the amount of trash produce personally. That means recycling and even better, upcycling. With leftover/used bottle caps, you can make things like, say, a breakfast tray, a tea/coffee coaster, a wall art d├ęcor, a wind chime, garden decorations, tiny candles,etc. While recycling and up recycling is a must, there are some companies who are making changes to their manufacturing processes, whilst addressing the growing number of discarded bottle caps. For instance, Nipra is engaged in manufacturing aluminum bottle caps . Aluminum is the most recyclable of all materials. It can be recycled directly back into itself over and over again in a true closed loop. This feature not only helps you save energy bu

Why Bottle Caps Are Important?

Bottle caps are one of the most important yet often neglected parts of any bottle. They not only provide sealing against dirt, debris, and bacteria contaminating the bottle content but also prevent content spilling. The history of bottle caps goes back to the 18thcentury where bottles and containers were mainly made of glass. Corks were probably the oldest bottle closure invention that still has applications in the wine industry. However, with the increasingdemand for quality bottle content, the new aluminum bottle caps were introduced in the market. Aluminum, because of its strength, flexibility, durability, and sustainability,is being used in a number of packaging companies. Aluminum bottle capsnot only provide adequate sealing but also preserve the bottle content from the toxic reaction between the caps and the content. The aluminum caps and closures market is dominated by big names like Nipra. A leading manufacturer and supplier, Nipra is one of India's verified and trust