What is a Closure?

A closure can be defined as any method for closing a pack so that the product is properly contained and protected. A closure is a device that seals a product within a pack but one that can also be removed to allow the product to be accessed.

The degree of seal tightness is dependent on the product packed, closure material, container, and seal desired, the resiliency of liner, the flatness of the sealing surface,and tightness or torque with which the closure is applied.

The closure mustn’t affect the contents of the container, nor be affected by them. Moreover, the closure is a focal point of the container. Three communication forms include styling aesthetic, typography, & graphic symbols. The closures also have to be resistant to cracking and creep in order to withstand excess torque during screwing (as with screw caps) or other internal forces.

Today, people are more focused towards health and hygiene, as a result,they are willing to spend money on products that are good for health. Hence aluminum closures are of prime importance when it comes to packaging. An ideal aluminum closure can protect the contents from the following environmental hazards:

  • Light - protects the content from light.
  • Temperature - is capable of withstanding extreme temperature.
  • Moisture - is capable of withstanding extreme humidity.
  • Atmospheric gases - protects the content from atmospheric gases (e.g. aerial oxidation).
  • Particles - protects from particulate contamination.
  • Microorganisms - protects from microbial contamination.

In line with this, Nipra prides itself in offering the best grade aluminumglass bottle closuresfor spirits,wine, olive oil, pharma products, etc. All the offered caps are manufactured at the state-of-the-art unit, utilizing quality-approved material and modern technology. For more information on Nipra’saluminum closure visit: https://www.nipra.in/


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