How to Store Olive Oil?

You may be left wondering whether olive oil goes bad after a while — or if you can simply keep it around indefinitely. However, in reality, the fact is that, though olive oil lasts a long time, it does get spoiled if not handled well.

Most olive oils last 18–24 months from the time they’re bottled. Extra virgin olive oils are less processed and usually last a bit less, around 12–18 months from the time they’re bottled.

Moreover, oxidation is a cellular process that can stimulate aging. In olive oil, it can speed the breakdown of fat molecules. Besides sunlight, olive oil can also be oxidized by contact with oxygen or exposure to heat. Hence you need to make sure your olive oil bottle cap is made from the best material like aluminum. Designed to last, aluminum olive oil bottle caps can be reused multiple times and are resistant to rust. It preserves the authenticity of olive oil and helps it stay fresh and healthy for a longer time.

That’s not all! You need to ensure the container/bottle is stored in a cool, dark place once it’s sealed. The shelf life of the oils exposed to intense artificial light and diffused daylight is shorter than that of oils kept in the dark.

In conclusion, the aim is to follow best practices in order to improve/maintain the quality characteristics of olive oil.

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