What are Wine Capsules?

The wine capsule—that foil sleeve on the top of a wine bottle—is decorative and doesn’t affect the quality of the wine inside. Their main purpose is to keep rodents or insects away from harming the bottle while the wine is stored for long periods. 

These days wine capsules are just part of a wine’s packaging, so if the bottles you ordered were supposed to have capsules but are missing them, then you might want to contact the winery in that case. This, in turn, would also definitely affect the wine’s resale value.

A few years ago, about 90% of all wine bottles produced in the world were sealed with natural cork. Today, thanks to aluminium - more and more winemakers are shifting their focus to aluminium capsules for wine bottles so that it reduces their risk of product spoilage and ensures that their name on a wine bottle stands the test of time as well as their rich heritage.

Photo courtesy: nipra.in 
Nipra is one such company that’s engaged in the business of producing aluminium capsules for wine bottles.  This company has 6 manufacturing factories located in North, West and Southern India. It’s one of the largest convertors of aluminium closure stock in the Indian sub-continent with an annual production capacity of 2 billion pieces.

Nipra is one of the renowned wine bottle capsules suppliers in India.  Being a client centric organization, the company provides products according to client’s necessities and requirements. For more information on Nipra visit: http://www.nipra.in/


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