Spirit Bottle Closures

With enriched industrial experience, Nipra have been able to offer a wide spectrum of spirit bottle closures.
The closures are available in a range of popular sizes and are coated with alcohol–resistant internal lacquer systems.
The optional functional and decoration aspects include:
  • Non-refillable insert' to ensure brand protection
  • Side embossing and top embossing along with chamfering
  • Sidewall printing on long draw closures (such as 30/35mm, 30/60mm)
  • Caps with internal compound lining suitable for packaging RTDs
The offered spirit bottle closure products comply with the norms and standards already set by the industry. This spirit closure is widely appreciated by customers for its durability and safe use. Customers can avail the spirit bottle closure from Nipra at an affordable price within a given time frame. To know the various sizes and dimensions of Nipra spirit bottle closure visit: http://www.nipra.in/spirit.html


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