Aluminium Ropp Closures for Pharmaceutical Sector

Pharmaceutical packaging is the means of providing protection, presentation, identification, information and convenience to encourage compliance with a course of therapy.

Aluminium ropp caps are ideal for packaging pharmaceutical products since they retain their therapeutic effectiveness from the time of their packaging until they are consumed.

An ideal aluminium ropp closure will protect the pharma contents from the following environmental hazards:

Light - protect the contents from light.
Temperature - is capable of withstanding extremes of temperature.
Moisture - is capable of withstanding extremes of humidity.
Atmospheric gases - protects the contents from the effect of atmospheric gases (e.g. aerial oxidation).
Particles - protects from particulate contamination.
Microorganisms - protects from microbial contamination.

Nipra is one such company that has a significant presence in pharmaceutical closure segment in India and abroad. The company produces closures on high-speed automatic lines which ensure fast service to clients. The functional options include internal liners in either EPE (Extruded polyethylene), Cork-PVC or SBR (rubber liners).

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