Printed Aluminium Sheets at Nipra

Nipra offers solutions for printed aluminium sheets to match the demands of various clients. Coupled with a comprehensive technology Nipra brings over years of application expertise to various customers. In addition, the use of high quality materials makes them unique in the market.
Specification of printed sheets manufactured by Nipra:

Printed aluminium sheets:

  • Alloy: 8011
  • Temper: H14 and H24
  • Thickness: From 0.15mm to 0.23mm (± 0.01mm)
  • Decoration: Multi-colour printing with special internal lacquer systems
  • Application: To manufacture ROPP closures for spirits, wine, pharmaceutical and olive oil closures

Printed tinplate/TFS sheets:

  • Temper: T1 to Dr8
  • Thickness: 0.15mm to 0.30mm
  • Finish: Bright and stone
  • Decoration: Multi-colour printing with application specific lacquer systems
  • Application: To manufacture twist-off caps (lug caps), crown caps (beer bottle caps), 3-piece general line cans for paints, 3-piece food cans, 3-piece beverage cans

Nipra is a reliable supplier of premium aluminium printed sheets. The products are highly acknowledged among various clients since many years. For more information on Nipra


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