Nipra - Wine Closures Manufacturer and Supplier

It may seem strange, but one of the toughest decisions for any winemaker doesn’t concern practices in the vineyard or cellar. Even though the implications of picking dates, fermentation temperatures, extraction method, barrel selection, etc are all vital for the wine preparation, it is the selection of wine closures that gives wine producers one of the greatest pains.

Although the science behind closure innovations is always evolving there are so many other factors involved in the closure selection. Moreover, wine closures do affect the look and feel of the wine bottle or container.  This further makes the selection of best wine closures even more critical.

With this in mind, Nipra aims to offer aluminum wine closures of the finest quality to wine makers.  These wine bottle caps are efficiently manufactured using superior materials and ultra-modern technique that is in sync with set industry standards. The wine bottle caps are accessible in different sizes and shapes. Offered wine bottle caps are tested by quality experts in order to assure their flawlessness.

Nipra started its operations in 1982 and with steady growth, the group became one of the largest players in the metal packaging business in India. Moreover, owing to the transparent business dealings, ethical code of conduct, quality-based approach, customer-centric norms, and sound stature; the company is able to garner numerous customers across the globe.

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