Aluminum Closure Packaging is Healthier and Safer than Plastic Caps

Aluminum caps are always a safe choice to use for packaging food and beverage as compared to plastic caps. Plastics have the tendency to melt. In addition, there are risks of chemicals leaking into your food.

Plastic containers are at risk for high levels of BPA bisphenol A (BPA), which is a compound that is used to make certain types of plastic. BPA can seep in through the food containers and contaminate the product within that container. Moreover, BPA has serious health consequences when ingested.
Aluminum closures on the other hand help preserve the flavor and natural nutrients in the product for a much longer time than other types of packaging.  With aluminum closures, you don’t have to stress about chemicals and contaminants. It’s actually been designated as fully safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The world is full of health scare stories. So don’t let your brand become another news story. Keep your customers safe and healthy so they’ll keep coming back for years to come.

Nipra is one such organization that’s engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting aluminum closures (also known as bottle caps or ROPP closures). The range offered by the company consists of Wine Closures, Spirit Closures, Liquor Bottle Closures, Pharma Closures, Olive Oil Closures, etc.
Being a client-centric organization, the company provides products according to client’s necessities and requirements.

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