5 Uses of Left-over Aluminium Bottle Caps

Aluminium caps are used as an airtight closure for various bottles. They usually need to be squeezed at certain points and then twisted or lifted off. These seals can also be customized by embossing the customer’s logo or initial’s as desired by them.

Many of you are probably used to thinking of bottle caps as useless disposable items. But, here in this article, we tell you, what can be made out of unused aluminium bottle caps. We teach you how to recycle waste bottle caps into useful home decor items.

Have a look at these handy neat DIY bottle cap crafts below:

1. Melt Wax to Create Tiny Candles
It is an easy DIY art and craft project. Just pour some melted wax and wicks in the aluminium bottle caps. Decorate the outer side of caps with some colourful paint and stickers.  Cute and pretty, your tiny candle stands will make for eye-catching decor. They’ll surely last for about an hour and a half.

2. Make a Unique Keychain
A chain of bottle caps can turn into a useful house item if you decorate them with oil paint; and artificial flowers. You can hang it around the wall, or just keep it around the table at parties so people know you have created something unique.

3. Aluminium Bottle Cap Basket for Plants
Aluminium bottle cap basket can be made by wiring caps together and stringing them across support struts. Easy to make – these baskets can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

4. Create a Wind Chime
If you have a lot of bottle caps, run them together to create a wind chime. Use strings, clue, hooks and colours to create a unique piece. Hang it inside or outside or maybe even in your car. 

5. Wall Art
Want memories of wine gone by? Try embedding their caps in your walls! The bottle cap canvas art on the wall will add a dash of creative edge to your room.


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