Aluminium Caps Available in Different Dimensions

Nipra is a prestigious manufacturer of aluminium bottle caps. These bottle caps are available in different dimensions.
  • Nipra produces closures for spirits such as whisky, vodka, rum,brandy etc. The company offers more than 20 sizes of shallow-draw and deep-draw closures ranging from 18/12mm to 30/60mm.
  • For packaging of wine, Nipra offers wine bottle closures in sizes such as 25/33mm, 25/43mm and 30/60mm.
  • Nipra also offers closures for packing dry suspension drugs and syrups. The closures are available with liner options including EPR liners, cork-PVC liners and SBR(rubber)liners.
  • Nipra offers olive oil closures in size of 31.5/24mm with easy-flow plastic inserts
Raw materials used to manufacture aluminium caps meet industry regulations that guarantee their real characteristics. Moreover, the aluminium closures are visually pleasing and appealing to the eye.

Under the exemplary leadership and guidance of expert professionals, Nipra has been able to emerge as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of aluminium bottle caps.  With first-class packaging material and skilled staff for the packing of the goods – the company makes certain that the products they supply are damage free.

For more information on Nipra’s Spirit Bottle Closures, Wine Bottle Closures, Olive Oil Closure, etc contact Tel: +91 22 2636 6848, Fax: +91 22 2636 4715, Email:


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