Nipra Believes in Protecting the Environment

The 18th-century industrial revolution bought a paradigm shift in the society. From agriculture to industrial development – the change was huge. This development was committed to improving the economic and social welfare. However, sadly, the companies just focused on their aims to gain profit. Their ignorance towards environmental and community issues was causing damage to the planet earth as a whole. This is when corporate social responsibility (CSR)  activity started. It is a program where the company contributes towards the environment and community development.

CSR has a much broader implication for a nation as a whole. The growing popularity of corporate social responsibility is formed on the belief that modern corporations have the human capital, financial resource, an global influence to advance the progressive causes. And the main purpose of this section is to appreciate Nipra’s contributions towards environment protection.

Nipra is regarded as a noteworthy organization for offering Spirit Bottle Closures, Wine Bottle Closures, Olive Oil Closure, etc. The company believes that each one us in the world has to contribute towards protecting the environment. Nipra plays their part by recycling scraps, adopting green building solutions to reduce the need for cooling systems as well as by investing in energy-efficient lighting solutions and rainwater harvesting for a better future of the planet.
Nipra as a company makes sure, they leave no stone behind in their efforts to preserve the environment.

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