The Bottle Cap Challenge

Have you been browsing through social media off late? If yes, we are sure you must have come across the bottle cap challenge that has generated a buzz all over the web. Well, if you are not aware of it - we'll tell you all about it in case you are late for the news.

The bottle cap challenge reportedly originated on June 25th courtesy of Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin. But it went viral all over the world after mixed martial-artist Max Holloway tried it out followed by several other celebrities.

For now, here's a quick description of the bottle cap challenge. First, a bottle is placed on a table with its cap fixed loosely on it. The person who is trying this challenge is required to untwist the bottle cap with a turnaround kick. However, one thing to note in this challenge is that the cap should just fly off the bottle, while the bottle remains stationary at that particular moment. Yes, that's quite a challenging task. Moreover, the entire challenge has to be recorded in a slow-motion video in order to understand whether you have made it correctly.

Interestingly from Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities to MMA fighters and your neighborhood school children, everyone seemed to take this challenge excitedly. 

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