Use Aluminium Bottle Caps to Extend the Wine’s Shelf Life

Using aluminium wine bottle caps will extend the life of the beverage. The aluminium bottle caps make a perfect seal, not allowing any air to seep into the wine. This perfect seal extends the wine’s shelf-life.

The aluminium closure’s highly effective barrier properties will ensure the wine does not oxidise too quickly, prolonging its life in perfect condition. Moreover, it is a reassurance to the consumer that the overall quality of the wine will remain at peak condition over a considerable period - making it convenient for consumption at any time.

Nipra is a prime manufacturer, supplier and exporter of aluminium wine bottlecaps in the market. By understanding the needs of various customers, the team at Nipra offers these caps in various designs and in customized range of sizes. The team makes sure to manufacture these caps with raw materials of impeccable quality. Moreover, the team follows all the norms and standards in manufacturing these caps precisely.


·         Light weight
·         Durable finish standards
·         Dimensional accuracy

Nipra is supported by a team of experienced and talented professionals. The professionals utilize their experience while completing their tasks, which results in developing qualitative and cost effective product line. Moreover, owing to the qualitative product range, market-leading prices, and ethical business dealing, Nipra team has mustered a huge client base across the markets. If you wish to explore Nipra aluminium wine bottle caps visit:


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