Features of Aluminum ROPP Closures

Today, glass bottle packaging is widely used in the packaging of wine, spirits, cooking oil, pharmacy products, etc. In fact most of the caps used are aluminum ROPP Closures.

Globally there are numerous aluminum Ropp caps suppliers that can produce hundreds of sorts of caps, and the growth rate of aluminum ROPP closures is also increasing each year. The prime reason why there is a demand for these caps, is the benefits that aluminum material offers:

The advantages of aluminum material:

  • No Poison and Smell: Aluminum meets the food & health food standard.

  • Good Performance: Aluminum has good performance for reflection and transmission of heat and light. It can improve the effect of canned food heat sterilization and cryogenic processing.

  • Low Density: The feature of aluminum enables containers to lighten the load easily. Its surface can naturally form a slice of compact Al2O3, and this colourless film prevents further oxidation.

  • High Gloss Surface: It helps to be printed easily and effectively.

  • Mechanical Property: The property can’t be changed even at low temperature, which especially suits for frozen food packaging.

  • Recycled: The waste aluminum can be recycled. It can not only save energy but can also help prevent pollution.

Nipra is among the most distinguished aluminum Ropp caps suppliers. The professionals working at Nipra utilize optimum quality material and advanced modern machines to manufacture these ropp caps. Andowing to the qualitative product range, market-leading prices, experienced professionals, and ethical business dealing, Nipra has gathered a huge client base in the global market.


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