Indian Wine Market –Many More Wine Bottle Capsules to be Manufactured

While wines with foreign origins are managing to attract customers, Indian wines are not far behind, offering a similar experience at affordable price points. It is estimated that local wines will maintain a market share of 70% (approx) for at least the next 8-10 years (approx).

While the wine industry is catching up in India, the per capita consumption will also increase. The sector displays ample opportunities since consumer acceptance is very well assured. Apart from organized stores, food service restaurants and institutional segments are promising outlets for wine.

There are still many state-level licensing challenges however, the Indian government has identified wine as a booming sector and has extended support in terms of subsidizing processing facilities and reducing VAT. By analyzing the alcohol consumption of the Indian consumer, it can be said that wine has been steadily gaining acceptance. This tendency has also witnessed a huge increase in wine screw cap suppliers.

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