Aluminum Wine Bottle Closure Has Largely Stood the Test of Time

The surge of global wine production (and requisite need for more cork closures) coupled with the lack of best practices and innovation on the part of the cork producing sector ended up pouring much dismay across the entire wine industry, including the consumers. So during the time of wine cork’s evolution, winemakers and consumers started experimenting with other closures. This gave rise to the invention of aluminum wine bottle closure.

Another reason to move away from cork-closed wines was to eliminate the smelly cork taint. Cork closures tend toaffect the aromatic properties of wines, even when they are meant to be as neutral as possible. Whereas, aluminum closures didn’t!

Today aluminum wine bottle closure is the preferred choice of consumers and retailers who are highly focused on sustainability, recyclability, and reuse of products and packaging. Light in weight, aluminum wine bottle closure not only offers an aesthetic appeal to the packaging but also preserves the quality of the wine. Thanks to the aluminum’s superior barrier qualities - the quality of the wine remains at peak condition over a considerable period - making it convenient forconsumption at any time.

Nipra is one such company that manufactures aluminum capsules for wines.The wine closures are available with saranex™ coated and Tin-saran™ coated liners. To know more about this wine bottle capsule supplier visit


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