Aluminum Closures for Today’s Wines

Years ago, about 80%-90% (approx) of all wine bottles produced in the world were sealed with natural cork. Today, thanks to aluminum, only 40-50% (approx) of all bottles produced globally are corked. More and more winemakers are shifting their bottle closures to aluminum bottle caps so that it reduces their risk of product spoilage to ensure that their name on a wine bottle stands the test of time as well as their rich heritage.

How did aluminum screw-cap take over corks?

  • The aluminum screw-cap provides better insulation to the wine from oxygen than cork.

  • It eliminates the nasty smell that TCA (trichloroanisole) gives out from ‘cork taint’.

  • Aluminum capped wines contributed more consistency in flavor and taste even when the wine ages, than those bottles, closed with a cork.

  • The aluminum caps are cost-effective as compared to the corks.

  • Waste aluminum can be recycled. It saves energy and helps prevent pollution.

Nipra takes pride in offering aluminum bottle caps. The team has extensive knowledge and experience in this respective domain and is engaged in offering spirit bottle closures, wine bottle closures, and other liquor bottle closures.

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