How the Demand for Glass Bottle Closures Increase?

A bottle closure is, nothing but a device that seals the contents inside of a bottle, protecting those contents from dust, spilling, evaporation, and/or from the atmosphere itself.

In the olden days there was limited demand for glass bottles and jars since most goods were stored in barrels, pottery jugs, wooden boxes, burlap sacks, etc. Most people also lived off the land and had limited need for glass bottles; they also lacked the resources to pay for such luxuries. Thus, the demand to create variety of closures was limited as cork sufficed for virtually all of the stored products of the time.

The use of bottles - and the need for varied closures to seal them - arose when the market started manufacturing products like liquor, wine, olive oil, patent medicines etc. With the expansion of these demands came the need for suitable containers all of which had to be properly sealed to function. Thus the need for glass bottled goods also increased rapidly. And parallel with the creativity of glass bottle the creativity of closure designers were unleashed.

Bottle closures come in some really stylish choices. Each cap and closures can be designed to work with a ‘dosage’ through a number of different ways.

Nipra is one such company that’s engaged in the business of producing aluminum caps for glass bottles. This company has 6 manufacturing factories located in North, West and Southern India. It’s one of the largest convertors of aluminum closure stock in the Indian sub-continent with an annual production capacity of 2 billion pieces.

Nipra is one of the renowned aluminum screw caps manufacturers in India. Being a client centric organization, the company provides products according to client’s necessities and requirements. For more information on Nipra visit:


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