Global Aluminum Market – The Metal That Is In Demand

Aluminum is the most abundant metal found in the earth’s crust. It is available as primary and secondary aluminum for various applications. Primary aluminum is produced from mining ore while secondary aluminum comes from recycled aluminum scrap.

Over the years, aluminum has gained prominence mainly due to its inexpensive extraction process. Moreover, the use of aluminum results in a reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 90% as compared to other products.

Considering these factors, the global aluminum market value is projected to register a good annual growth rate by 2023. In conclusion, the demand for aluminum is expected to increase significantly over the next decade.

These days metal packaging industries are focusing on increasing the production of aluminum caps for glass bottles. As per studies, the global aluminum closures and caps market is growing rapidly and is projected to reach US$68.71 billion in size by 2023 (approx).

Nipra is one of the largest players in the metal packaging business in the Indian sub-continent. The company is in the business of producing aluminum printed sheets and closures.

Nipra manufactures aluminum closures for wine, spirits, olive oil, and pharmacy products. The professionals working at Nipra utilize optimum quality material and advanced modern machines to manufacture these caps. Andowing to the qualitative product range, market-leading prices, experienced professionals, and ethical business dealing, Nipra has gathered a huge client base in the global market.

Do visit their website to know more about the company.


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