Production of Aluminum

The increased adoption of aluminum in the manufacturing industry has created significant economic and environmental wins for both – the business and consumers.

Key Benefits

Green goals achievement
Leading manufacturing companies are using aluminum to achieve their aggressive sustainable manufacturing goals. By building lightweight and artfully designed end products that delight customers the company aims to achieve the green goals.

Positive environmental impact
Aluminum is recyclable. Not only does aluminum production use less energy, but it also reduces landfill waste, contributes much lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduces costly transportation. A 10 percent increase in aluminum end-of-life recycling rates decreases industry greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent.

Profit and purpose connection
Customers are increasingly looking to buy from companies with a strong sense of corporate responsibility and a solid environmental track record. As more companies see the link between sustainable manufacturing, customer loyalty, and profits, the interest in aluminum will continue to rise.

The aluminum bottle cap is often the subject of recycling success stories and statistics. More than 90 percent of aluminum bottle caps are recycled annually.

Nipra is one such eminent organization that believes in contributing towards the environment. The team is engaged in manufacturing, supplying, wholesaling, and trading aluminum printed sheets and bottle closures. These closures are available in various designs, sizes, and shapes at most competitive prices.

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