Properties of Aluminum Bottle Closures

Aluminum is the third most common element in the earth’s crust. It is found in nature as stable alumino-silicates. A complex extraction and primary smelting process allows the production of aluminum in its metallic form. Then, when suitably alloyed and with various semi-fabrication processes such as rolling, extruding and forging, a whole spectrum of physical and mechanical properties become available. These properties have led to the extensive use of aluminum in various end markets such as packaging.

Most of the aluminum used in packaging is in the form of rolled cans and glass bottle closures.

The attractive properties of aluminum closures used in packaging industry can be summarized as below:-

Durability and Strength:
Aluminumclosures are durable and strong. You can likely trust aluminum caps to keep your product safe and secure dozens of times a day without even knowing it

The low density and thinner sections of aluminum compared with some competing packaging materials means a reduced weight, saving energy in transport.

Thermal Conductivity:
Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and therefore the chilling and heating of the contents of aluminum packaging can take place quickly, with minimal thermal gradients.

Heat Resistance:
Aluminum packaging resists a very wide range of temperature, from the very cold to the very hot. There is no risk of cracking, melting or burning. Aluminum packaging products can be stored in the coldest deep freezer and heated in the hottest oven.

Barrier Properties
Aluminumclosures and capsact as a total barrier to light, gases and liquids. It can extend the useful life of foodstuffs for long periods of time, measured in years, adding value far beyond the cost of the packaging material.

Food and Drink Compatibility
The vast majority of foods and drinks have no adverse effects on aluminum, hence there is no contamination. Moreover, aluminumclosures preserve the natural flavor and taste of the food items.

Decorative Potential
Aluminum is compatible with all printing processes. Hence you can attractively present the aluminum closurethe way you want.

Aluminumcan be recycled after use repeatedly with no loss in quality. It means that aluminum closures are economically viable as well as environmentally advantageous.

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