Why Aluminum Screw-Caps Do Well Over Corks?

Earlier, cork was the preferred choice of sealing as it resisted moisture and rotting in addition to being leak-proof. But cork’s graceful utility took a bad hit as the issue of ‘cork taint’ came to the fore. It leaves a moldy, musty, off-putting smell inside a bottle. It is commonly associated with spoilt wine. In studies, it was found that ‘Cork taint’ comes from a natural fungus which infects the wine through TCA, or 2,4,6-trichloroanisole, a compound that lets off a bad aroma. Screw caps help winemakers avoid this cork taint, which can wreck as many as seven bottles of wine out of a hundred.

Howaluminum screw-caps do well over corks?
  • Screw-capped wines contributed more consistency in flavor. The wine ages more slowly than in bottles closed with a cork, which aged not only more rapidly but more variously too.
  • It includes the elimination of the nasty smell that TCA gives out from ‘cork taint’.
  • A screw-cap provides better insulation to the wine from oxygen than cork.
  • The aluminum bottle caps gave a good cost-benefit compared to the corks.
  • The caps are 100% recyclable and reduces the weight of the bottle.

Nipra is one such company that manufactures aluminum screw-capsfor wine bottles. These wine bottle caps are efficiently manufactured using superior materials and ultra-modern technique that is in sync with set industry standards. The wine bottle caps are accessible in different sizes and shapes. Offered wine bottle caps are tested by quality experts in order to assure their flawlessness.


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