Storing Olive Oil

There is no doubt that olive oil is a delicacy. However, storage is a very important step when it comes to preserving its nutritional value.

Potentially the most damaging variable, oxygen is also the hardest to avoid. The moment you open a traditional bottle or package of olive oil, air floods in. Initially, this isn’t a huge problem, as extra virgin olive oil contains large amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols that help it resist immediate oxidation. However, prolonged oxygen exposure will overpower those natural protectants and cause rapid degrading that leads to rancid olive oil.

If you buy your olive oil in bottles, there’s no way to avoid opening the bottle each time you use it. So most importantly, always remember to seal it back with a bottle closure after using it. A sealed container will keep more oxygen from entering and damaging your oil. If you won’t use all your olive oil in one sitting, pour just enough for that meal into a dish or dispenser. Then, return the closed bottle to its regular storage location.

If you want to keep your extra virgin olive oil fresh, flavorful, and healthy, we recommend choosing Nipra’s olive oil closure. These closures will protect the oil against light, heat, and oxygen.

At Nipra a wide variety of olive oil bottle caps are available to you. The closures in this application are available for different pack sizes. For large packs, the functional option is an 'easy-pour insert' for a better customer experience.

Features of NipraOlive Oil Bottle Caps:
  • Excellent Pouring Facility
  • Good Finishing
  • Dimensional stability

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