Demand for Wine Bottle Screw Caps

Cork was the most preferred choice for wine packaging and cork taint wasn’t such a big issu e back then. In the past, it is likely that many people weren’t as aware of the problem and happily drank corked wine. But with the increasing quality of cheap wine (which makes any taint more likely to be spotted) and the fact that consumers are now generally better informed, the demand for better wine bottle packaging has increased.

The cork industry has been slow to address this ‘taint’ issue. Initially, they went through a period of denial, funding PR campaigns to persuade people that cork is the natural option. They later realized that solution to the problem would be a better use of resources.

Today, there are several synthetic corks in the market. However, in reality, these corks are only suitable for wines destined for immediate consumption (that is, within a year or two). So for now, the leading contender to cork is screwcaps.

Wine bottle screwcaps provide a pretty good seal—better than cork, in fact. They are easy to open: you don’t need a cork-screw; you just twist them off. Because they are manufactured and not a natural substance, they provide a much more uniform seal than corks. Added to this, there are plenty of reports of 20-year-old screw-capped bottles being opened and the wine tasting fresh and lively.

Nipra is one such company that manufactures wine bottle screw caps. These offered products are manufactured and developed using optimum grade material and contemporary technology - all in tune with industry set norms and guidelines. Furthermore, the team ensures to timely deliver these products to clients. All these qualities have helped Nipra gain a huge client base in the market.

Nipra wine bottle screw caps are high in demand due to their premium quality and affordable price range. To know more about this wine screw cap supplier, visit:


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