Aluminum Screwcaps and Closures Provide a Pretty Good Seal to Wine Bottles—Better Than a Cork

The dark truth of the wine trade is that one in twenty bottles of wine is ruined as soon as it is bottled with the cork. The topmost problem is the ‘cork taint’. This is when a wine takes on a musty odor caused by a chemical called 2,4,6-trichloroanisole (TCA) that is present in some corks. TCA itself is produced by microbes that live in the small pores, called lenticels, that run throughout the cork bark. In extreme cases it’s hard to miss a ‘corked’ wine: the mustiness can sometimes be overpowering. In other situations, the taint is a little subtle, as a result, the fruitiness of the wine is reduced, giving it a subdued aroma.

In the past, many people weren’t as aware of the problem and happily drank corked wine. But with the increasing awareness, consumers have decided that they’re not going to put up with this situation any longer.

For now, then, the leading contender to cork is aluminum screwcaps and closures. Aluminum screwcaps and closures provide a pretty good seal—better than cork. They provide a much more uniform seal than corks and are easy to open: you just twist them off. Added to this, there are plenty of reports that aluminum capped wine bottles maintain the freshness and taste of the wine for a longer time. Moreover, aluminum closures and screwcaps can be recycled several times without loss of quality.

Nipra is one such company that manufactures aluminum screwcaps and closures for wine bottles. For more information on this wine bottle closure supplier visit:


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