Aluminum Closures – Prime Choice for Spirits

Aluminum closures have been widely adopted by the food and beverage industry and in particular the beverage sector. The spirits industry was the very first alcoholic beverage sector to embrace this solution.

A neutral effect on taste, which is mandatory for spirits, such as vodka, can be achieved with aluminum closures. Today almost every spirit brand uses this type of closure to avoid any taste spoilage. Aluminum’s inherent strength and corrosion resistance guarantees no change in the condition. No foreign bodies, caused by traditional closure deterioration, interfere with the precious liquids in the bottle.

The excellent open and reclose features of aluminum closures are also great advantages. It locks in the flavour and ensures there is no leakage. In addition, technical features can be incorporated into aluminum closures, such as tamper-evident devices and anti-counterfeiting or authentication systems. It not only protects the valuable contents in the bottle but also protects the brand’s integrity. What’s more? Aluminum closures are recyclable, which is another advantage to protect the environment.

The demand for aluminum closures is expected to grow over the forecast period primarily driven by the growth in the food and beverage industry. Other factors such as changing lifestyles, use of recyclable products, more use of packaged food items further escalates the growth of aluminum closures in the market.

With an eye to the future, Nipra has gained years of experience in developing aluminum closures for wines and spirits. With a clear focus on innovation and process efficiency, the team has established themselves as a current and future creator capable of driving change in this industry.

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