Winemakers Choosing Screw Caps in Lieu of Corks

Corks are the traditional way to seal off a bottle of wine after all the hard work and fermentation is done. Some sources say they have been used in Europe since the 1400s.

Corks are made from cork bark, which is a naturally occurring substance. Firstly, it is a limited natural resource. As more and more people produce wine in greater quantities, it is important to note that cork oak trees (the trees that grow cork bark) are finite in number – which is a matter of concern. Cork is also two to three times more expensive than screw caps. Moreover, because of its unique material, there are chances that your bottle is not properly sealed and the wine goes bad (this is often referred to as "TCA" or "cork taint").

On the other hand, wine bottle screw caps can be safely used as wine bottle closures for your home or commercially made wine. Wine bottle screw caps, when correctly used are an alternative to traditional wine corks that will prevent spoilage, providing no oxidation and no taint. They don't allow the wines to mix with air, which can improve the aging process. Screw caps are super malleable, making it perfect for keeping wine bottles closed until you want to drink them. Moreover, they are recyclable!

To conclude - Traditional wine corks aren’t going to go away anytime soon, but once more producers see just how beneficial it is to go with screw caps, the presence of traditional corks may dwindle as years’ progress.

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