COVID-19 Impact on Global Aluminum Screw Caps & Closures Market

The global aluminum screw caps and closures market witnessed a moderate increase in its growth rate in 2020-2021 since there was an increase in the demand for food & beverage and pharma products during COVID-19.

People were resorting to panic-buying and bulk stocking due to the fear of lockdowns. More people were ordering daily staples and fresh food through online channels, which lead to an increase in the demand for aluminum caps and closures. Governments of many affected countries, for instance, India, had asked the food industry players to ramp up production to avoid supply-side shocks and shortages and maintain uninterrupted supply. FMCG companies were responding by demanding more of these packaging products. This pushed the demand for aluminum caps and closures.

That’s not all! The demand for aluminum screw caps and closures in the pharmaceutical industry had increased as medicines and other drugs became the prime essentials. Also, the demand for alcohol and other beverages during the pandemic boosted the supply of aluminum screw caps and closures.

Innovations in the aluminum closures segment continue to be of growing interest and hold great potential for development in the future. As a result, the gap between plastic and metal closures is expected to widen, with 52% of the market expected to be held by aluminum closures in the coming years.

Developing countries are poised to witness high demand for aluminum caps and closures in the next few years. The growth is driven mainly by favorable demographics and a rise in household incomes. Convenience and hygiene are becoming highly valued attributes as packaged products take up a growing share of the consumer’s expenditure due to changing lifestyles.

Nipra is one such company that understands the importance of aluminum caps and closures. With an eye to the future, Nipra has gained years of experience in developing aluminum closures for various sectors. With a clear focus on innovation and process efficiency, the team has established itself as a current and future creator capable of driving change in this industry.


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