Nipra is One of the Best Aluminum Bottle Caps Manufacturer

Nipra is a prestigious manufacturer of aluminum bottle caps that are also known as Roll On Pilfer Proof Caps (R.O.P.P. Caps). These have a standard use in the packaging industry for glass bottles. These aluminum closures can be manufactured in all sizes possible. When it comes to the preservation of end products, then closure is a primary factor. In line with this, Nipra elaborates every detail of the product. In fact, Nipra uses best-grade aluminum sheets and ensures to give it a lacquering effect.

Key Points of Nipra Bottle Closures

  • The inner surface of caps is lacquered
  • A protective material is present in the inner surface which prevents leakage or spillage of the liquid
  • At its bottom, one more supporting material is provided to ensure further closure
  • Suitable for packing medicines and alcoholic beverages

Nipra is a popular name in Aluminium Closures. To know more about Nipra products visit:


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