Selection of Wine Bottle Closures

In a competitive market, the packaging material and the quality of the product play an important role. Hence, while packing beverages like wine, special attention needs to be given to the wine bottle closure.

The wine bottle closure selected for the packaging must have the following characteristics:

  • They must not be reactive and non-toxic.
  • They must not impart tastes or odours to the product.
  • They must protect the content preparation from environmental conditions. 
  • They must protect the contents from volatile materials.
  • They must not leach anything to the contents. 
  • They must meet applicable tamper-resistance requirements.
  • They must be adaptable to commonly employed high-speed packaging equipment. 
  • They must have a reasonable cost in relation to the cost of the product. 

To ensure that consumers receive a high-quality product, the wine manufacturer’s quality management system must take the above considerations into account if the required quality of wine packaging is to be obtained.

A wine bottle closure is a part of the container. It should be made of materials that can withstand wear and tear during normal handling. Moreover apart from the properties of the material the package style to attract consumers and other legal requirements should also be considered during selection.
There are many companies in India that manufacture good wine bottle closures.  These closures are available at the most affordable prices. Moreover, with high-grade raw material, these closures are known to be in compliance with international quality standards. 


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