How is Aluminium ROPP Closure Made?

ROPP closures (Roll-On-Pilfer-Proof) are made from a flat sheet of aluminium which then goes into a punching machine to get the desired shape. Depending on the length of the closure it goes through numerous punching machines to make a pre-form known as a shell. (The shell of the closure is then side printed if required). The shell is then taken to another machine to have all the details put on it. Then another machine will insert the liner.

ROPP caps are primarily used by bottle closure manufacturers all over the world. Aluminium ROPP caps are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also easy to use. They offer superior quality packaging and serve as an efficient seal for various containers.

Aluminium ROPP caps prevent pilferage and maintain the essential flavour of the product. This seal can be easily broken with a gentle twist. Moreover, even after breakage, the cap can be fastened back onto the bottle or container effortlessly.  Whatever the case may be, the ROPP caps prevent the content from drying, evaporating or decomposing.

Nipra is highly praised in the market for manufacturing aluminium ropp caps. Distinctive appearance, contemporary design and flawless finish have made Nipra ROPP caps highly popular in the market.  Moreover, the company assures to offer you products at very competitive rates. If you have a requirement for caps and/or seals, please do not hesitate to contact Nipra.


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